EMSWORXX is a more secure, hygienic and durable way of providing you the right supplies in the right quantities and then tracking and monitoring your inventory for automatic re-supply so that your always ready for what comes next.
EMSWORXX sells nothing “as is”. We provide follow up maintenance and support, and customize for the needs of various industries and functions. We don’t believe in self-service and we want to reduce or eliminate your manual ordering, sorting, and constant maintenance tasks.

In today’s geopolitical landscape, sources of threats to human life are significantly more unpredictable. Terrorist attacks focus on loss of human life rather than strategic military targets. This means that mass concentrations of people are more at risk than they ever were in the past. This is true in a warzone as well as in a peaceful civilian environment. Embassies and barracks are as much at risk from terrorist attacks as are bases or battleships. Sports stadiums and office buildings are also at risk. For now, it remains unclear how best to stop this threat to human life, so the next best thing is to be prepared to deal with tragedy when it strikes. And given the countless number of high population concentrations in the world, tragedy could strike anywhere.

Loss of human life can be contained in these situations if we are prepared. Being prepared means stocking the proper medical supplies in sufficient as well as correct quantities, and maintaining and tracking those supplies. It’s often likely that in a civilian situation, true first responders won’t be trained medical personnel, so these medical supplies need to be easy to find and easy to use. This holds true on the battlefield as well, where constant danger and confusion in a mass casualty situation makes it imperative even for professionals to have easy and quick access to the right supplies at the right time.

EMSWORXX provides a full-service offering, unavailable anywhere else, that reduces waste, frees onsite staff from inventory maintenance, and protects supplies with durable “battle-ready” containers so that they are ready and available when needed the most.


Jesse Lopez
has successfully run start-up logistics and distribution operations including supply chains in Southeast Asia. He has also lead global software development teams in building SaaS products.

David Tanstaafl
is an experienced field Paramedic who understands needs and requirements in mass casualty situations and the logistical needs to make sure our customers are prepared at all times. He has worked in hostile environments, both domestically and abroad.

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