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Our Mass Casualty Medical Kits consist of supplies that are critical to saving lives in an emergency. We cater to the varied needs of military contractors as well as high risk industries such as offshore oil drilling and underground mining. We work with public/private event spaces such as stadiums to be prepared for all situations. Most contents of our kits are applicable to all industries but additional situation-specific supplies are stocked as needed.

Replacement supplies organized within a pouch system
To make ordering, managing, restocking, and accessing items within the kit easier, we pack certain supplies into pouches. Supplies that are likely to be used together or at the same time are packed together to enable ease of access and use. Supplies with similar expiration dates are packed together to enable restocking and inventory management.

Customer web portal to track inventory and restocking needs
EMSWORXX offers an inventory management portal which our customers have access to for keeping track of inventory onsite. As pouches are used, customers can note that in our system. This will trigger automatic reordering due to usage and due to expired products. Our web portal tracks expiration dates and inventory preparedness so that our customers don’t have to.

Automatic restocking & product return and exchange
As resupply becomes necessary due to expired product or usage, EMSWORXX will send our customers new pouches to re-stock used or expired pouches within their kits. Our boxes make it easy to access and restock the these pouches. When the replacement pouches arrive, on-site personnel will simply unpack the pouches from the box and distribute them to the indicated cases. They can then return the expired or partially used pouches to EMSWORXX in a single shipment.

Centralized worldwide distribution and automation
EMSWORXX gives its customers a single worldwide source for mass casualty medical supplies. Many organizations that currently order supplies separately and build their own kits onsite at locations all over the world. We automate this task and centralize worldwide delivery to reduce our customers’ costs and allow them to more effectively and efficiently utilize onsite personnel.  

Mass Casualty Medical Box

Keep out the elements and keep your supplies sanitary
EMSWORXX durable cases keep your supplies safe and sanitary in any conditions giving you one less thing to worry about. The ...

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